Who is Ronnie Carr?


Ronnie Carr is Ronnie Marler


A singer from early childhood I loved to listen to my dad play guitar and sing. I first joined a band with some guys at work “Dr Hose and the swinging meat band” we played 2 Beatles songs for a company picnic. “Should have known better” and “Hide your love away” I was hooked.

I then hooked up with some friends from school and formed a rock band & made money for strings and PA equipment working at a local used music store. The band lasted about 2 years until after sighting artistic differences the guitarist quit.
Moved to Boise in 1982 and joined “The Heat” Played the Boise scene for a couple years until half the band decided to go to college.

Got responsible in 1984 children and career yada yada yada … Sister-in-Law introduced me to My good friend Bob Lardinais… and I joined Jack Crowne and the Coronas. We have been playing music together for 6 years now and we’re as strong as ever.

In 2005 I found a community of recording artists online at My Virtual Band.com and rev’ed up my song writing and recording skills.

Wanting to share my music with as many people possible I created The Virtual Song Cast This is where I talk about my songwriting and recording experiences. It has turned into a great hobby and creative outlet for me.

Recently My attention online has been focused on “The Undead Monkey” project, where I am working with some of my online friends to create a project titled “Life and death” Right now there are a few more songs we are working on.

The story continues into this place we call Second life. I stubled in back in early October so I’m still a bit of a noob. But I saw something that hooked me at Circe Broom’s Luxor stage. My first live SL show! I had to meet this wizard that was puting this all together. Circe, I owe you my life, (My second life. ) Thank you for holding my hand and getting me started playing in VR.



  1. Are you the amazing guitarist on Drift Away with Dobie Grey? I have listened to the song a million times (approx) and today was listening to it on an internet radio site. Guitar is just amazing.

  2. Nice to meet you. I always enjoy your talents and what you have done with them.

  3. Hi there, You have done a fantastic job. I will certainly digg it and personally suggest to my friends. I am confident they’ll be benefited from this site.

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  • Song List

    1. Just Like You Said It Would Be
      Sinead O'Connor
    2. Darkness Within
    3. Posers and Prims
    4. Wonderfull Tonight
      Eric Clapton
    5. 5000 Days
    6. Another Day Another Night
    7. Black Boys on Mopeds
      Sinead O'Connor
    8. You Give Me Vertigo
    9. I have a song to sing
    10. Turn the Page
      Bob Seager
    11. Streets of Portland
    12. Waiting For My Time
    13. Show Your Love
    14. I Put a Spell on You
    15. Karma Police
      Radio Head
    16. Fire and Rain
      James Taylor
    17. Coffee Shop
    18. Last Day of Our Aquaintance
      Sinead O'Connor
    19. Drift Away
      Dobie Grey
    20. Can't Always Get What You Want
      Rolling Stones
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